Fostering sustainability through governance

Governance and sustainability

Mastercard is built around the core values of trust, integrity and respect. We believe that acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right way to do business. Our deep commitment to ethical operations and legal compliance, as well as world-class information security and data privacy, allows us to meet and exceed the high expectations that our customers, merchants, consumers, governments and the communities have for us. Our governance structure enables independent, experienced and accomplished directors to advise and guide our operations and maintain our commitment to transparent financial reporting and strong internal?controls.

Board composition and practice

  • We have a declassified Board - all of our Board members are elected annually.
  • We have majority voting for our director elections.
  • We have an independent non-executive Chairman of the Board.
  • 11 of our 12 Board members are independent.
  • Over 25% of our directors are women.
  • Our Board is actively engaged in managing talent and long-term succession planning for executives.
  • We have stock ownership requirements for executive officers and guidelines for other officers and non-employee directors to further align their interests with the interests of stockholders.

Risk and compliance

  • Our Board actively oversees Mastercard's risk and risk management practices, focused on fostering a risk-aware culture while encouraging thoughtful risk taking.
  • Our Code of Conduct prohibits inappropriate trading activities, including hedging.
  • We provide enhanced political activity disclosure on our website as part of our Political Activity Statement.
  • We have a Privacy and Data Protection Report below to explain our information practices and our commitment to privacy and to increase transparency about our business. 

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